April Hawkins: “What Ignites Your Kids? Feed That”

April Hawkins

At the age of 16, April Hawkins set out to do work in Archaeology because it was the toughest job she could find at that age and she wanted to prove to herself that she was able to do it. While she managed to survive a whole season of digging, it wasn’t until after getting her thumb stuck in an 8000 year old artifact, that April realized Archaeology was her calling. She noticed in the same spot where her thumb was stuck, appeared the thumbprint of another- a thumbprint that had been made 8000 years prior! She described this fateful moment as the moment in which the fate of her career in Archaeology was sealed.

Cut to present day, April is working in the Royal Ontario Museum and is a parent of two. From her they learn to have a deep curiosity and interest in everything, no matter how small. From her adventurous kids, she has learned the importance of feeding the spark in areas where her kids seem to be the most interested and ignited. From digging in yards to observing architecture, April has found a number of ways in Toronto to meet the interests of her kids.

In summary, she shares, “It’s key as a parent to sort out what is it that interests and ignites your kids, and then, of course, feed that. All these different things are right here in Toronto.”


April Hawkins, The Royal Ontario Museum

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