Book Review: My Handy Little Health Journal

book review my handy little health journalI was recently at a walk-in clinic, looking for some relief from a migraine headache. I’ve suffered from migraine headaches for decades. So, when the doctor asked what medications I had tried in the past, I told her the list was long and I truly had no idea what the different medications were. How could I possibly remember what medication I tried 10 years ago? The information is important, but how could I track it? Now there is a great way to keep track of our medical information, Mary Anne Alton and Tania Craan’s My Handy Little Health Journal. The My Handy Little Health Journal is packed with questions and answers, that will help you organize your personal health and lead a healthier life. I was happy to get my hands on a copy for a book review. Here are a few reasons why My Handy Little Health Journal makes a great gift for yourself, your friends and family.

Book Review: One Seriously Handy Journal

Medical History

The journal is filled with open ended questions to ask yourself and others in your family. You might not have all the answers to the questions. Open a conversation with family members so that you can clearly and completely understand your family’s medical history.

Health Facts and Tips

While the journal is filled with questions and space for the answers, the journal is also a fantastic health resource. The pages are sprinkled with helpful health facts and tips. Some of the health facts and tips include; how to identify the early signs of a stroke, ways to reduce stress, definitions of different types of doctors, signs of food poisoning, the benefits of drinking water and many, many more.


Ever wondered how to make your own natural lip balm? You will find a recipe in the journal. Along with a variety of recipes for healthy snacks, meals and other natural self care items.

Medication Tracking

book review sample page handy little health journalThis goes back to the original example of my own experience. There is plenty of space to write out past and present medication you have taken. Bring the journal to your next doctor’s appointment and work with your doctor to fill in some of the blanks. There is space for not only the name of the medications but the dosage, the duration and the reactions you may have had. This way, you won’t have to struggle to remember the name of the medicine you tried 10 years ago, you’ll have it right there at your fingertips.

Getting Healthy

Beyond looking back at a person’s medial history, the journal is very much focused on creating a healthy future. An entire portion of the journal is dedicated to finding ways to make positive, healthy changes in your daily life. How to fit in more exercise, how to meditate and healthy foods to eat.

My Handy Little Health Journal was created by two Canadian women who realized just how hard it is to keep track of everything in our busy, busy lives. The journal is meant to provide other busy women with a simple, fun and helpful way to move toward living healthier and happier. The journal can be purchased from Chapters and Amazon. They are currently working on a new app to accompany the journal. The Handy Little Health Journal would make a fabulous gift for yourself, your mom, your sister or your girlfriends. Organizing your way to a healthy life.

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