Car Seat Safety for Toronto Parents

car seat safetyThe statistics on car seat safety are alarming. Studies show that as many as 80% of car seats are installed incorrectly. This is a serious issue, because car accidents are the leading cause of death for kids aged one to 14. Those numbers decrease when car seats are used properly. In fact, the Canadian Pediatric says that a properly installed car seat can reduce the risk of serious injury by 67%, and the risk of fatal injury by 71%.

Car Seat Safety for Canadian Kids

To help keep kids across Canada safe, Chevrolet is launching the national Safe and Sure Child Car Seat Installation Workshop Program. Parents and caregivers can attend these free workshops, where they’ll receive expert advice on installing car seats. You don’t have to drive a Chevy to participate – you can get hands-on help with any make or model of vehicle. The workshops will begin at local Chevy dealerships in April 2014, and registration is open now at

The workshops were piloted here in Toronto during 2012 and 2013. So many expectant parents, parents, grandparents and caregivers responded that Chevrolet will expand the program to Vancouver and Montreal. Natalie Nankil, Public Relations Manager for Chevrolet explains the company’s motivation, saying, “Safety has always been a priority for Chevrolet. Knowing that car seat safety has become such a concern, and that parents are looking for know-how and support, Chevrolet decided to help all drivers with the new Safe and Sure program.”

To deliver the workshops, Chevrolet is partnering with Parachute. The company’s President and CEO, Louise Logan, says, “Research shows that a properly installed and used car seat will prevent injuries, and could save your child’s life. We encourage you to register for a Chevrolet Safe and Sure Car Seat Installation Workshop, so that you can learn this life-saving skill.”

Amber Strocel

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