Eco-Friendly Fashion: Easy Green Tips

When it comes to going green, you might think about cycling instead of driving, composting your kitchen scraps and turning off lights when you leave the room, but do you think of eco-friendly fashion? When it comes to living sustainably, choosing clothes that are easy on the earth is both fun and impactful. With a little bit of work you can look great and feel great about your clothes. So how do you build a wardrobe filled with sustainable style? We have five tips!

Eco-Friendly Fashion Tips for Moms

1. Research and Read Labels

green living eco-friendly fashionOne of the trickiest parts of living an eco-friendly lifestyle is separating the truly green from the greenwashing. One way to identify truly eco-friendly fashion is to do your research. Before you read home head online and learn about green fabrics. Organic cotton, for instance, is becoming widely-available, and you can find it at many major retailers. You can also find lots of information online about how various companies manufacture and source clothing. Once you know what you’re looking for, head to the store and read labels. Find out where your clothing was made, and what fibres the fabric is made from. The more information you have, the more informed you will be when it comes to your fashion purchases.

2. Small is Beautiful

One great way to find truly eco-friendly fashion is to shop at small, local businesses. When you visit smaller shops the staff are more likely to know where the items they sell come from. There are lots of local businesses that focus on green and sustainable products, from food to (urban) farming to fashion, so look around your own neighbourhood. Craft fairs and local markets are also great options. If you buy from a local manufacturer you’re further reducing the carbon footprint of your clothes because they weren’t shipped halfway around the world to get to you. You’re also supporting the local economy. These are all good things!

3. Shop Second-Hand

Shopping second-hand is like a treasure hunt. Sometimes you find amazing pieces at amazing prices. Other times you come up empty-handed. Vintage, consignment and thrift shops are all sources of eco-friendly fashion because you’re re-using clothes. Flea markets can also be great sources of second-hand clothing. Second-hand fashion isn’t just for grown-ups, either – quality used clothing is a great option for kids. It may take a little more work, but the investment of time will pay off when you find great clothes you can fill good about wearing, and that won’t break the bank.

4. Make It Last

We’ll come right out and say it: eco-friendly fashion can be a little pricey. To help protect your investment in green style, take care of your clothes. Mend them when they need it. Follow the care instructions. Store them safely when you’re not wearing them. If your shape changes a little (most moms can relate), consider taking it to a tailor to have it adjusted. It will fit better and you’ll feel better. By maintaining your wardrobe your clothes will last longer, which won’t just save you money, it will also reduce your consumption in the long run.

5. Go Through Your Closet

We’ve all had the experience of finding an old shirt, skirt, sweater or dress that we’d forgotten we had. Sometimes it’s something you hadn’t even worn yet. Other times it’s a much-loved piece that you fondly remember wearing. When you take the time to go through your closet and sort out your clothes, you’ll get a more realistic picture of what you already have and what you need more of. In the process, you’ll be able to make smarter fashion purchases, because you’ll be less likely to fall into the trap of buying dozens of cardigans when what you really need is a basic black dress, or vice versa. Shopping your closet can also save you from buying things you don’t need, which saves you money and reduces your consumption. The most eco-friendly fashion, as it turns out, is the fashion you already own.

What about you – what are your eco-friendly fashion tips?

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