Where to Find Amazing Ice Pops in Toronto

Summer has arrived…thank goodness. With summer’s arrival comes the requests for popsicles. Remember the popsicles of our youth? Yes, they were refreshing and yes, we loved every last lick. Now that we are all grown up isn’t it nice to know that popsicles have grown up too. The ice pop trend has taken over our city and while there are many options out there…these are our 3 favourite spots to find amazing ice pops in Toronto.

Where to Find Amazing Ice Pops in Toronto

augie's ice popAugie’s Gourmet Ice Pops: Take Ontario seasonal fruit…freshly squeeze it…add fresh herbs…freeze them and you have Augie’s Ice Pops.  Such a simple idea, fresh ingredients lead to fresh and delicious ice pops. Augie’s Ice Pops are available at a number of farmers’ markets and local shops around the city all summer long. While Augie’s Ice Pops began as a small business they have now expanded and are now available at Whole Foods, Pusitari’s and Summerhill Market.


philips ice popsPhilip’s Ice Pops: What do you do when you can’t find healthy, natural ice pops in your local grocery store? If you are Katie Walker, then you start making your own. Taking seasonal fruit and herbs, Philip’s Ice Pops are available across Toronto, Hamilton and beyond. With flavours like watermelon and lime sea salt and lemon ginger rosemary these pops are becoming a summertime favourite. Who is Philip you ask? Katie’s cat, of course.


the pop standThe Pop Stand: Where will you find the yummy Pop Stand’s ice pops? Everywhere. This year The Pop Stand has expanded their offerings to include naturally flavoured Italian sodas. Now you can enjoy their flavourful treat either frozen or as an ice cold drink. Keep your eyes peeled for their signature red and white polka dot mobile pop stand at festivals and events all summer long.


image courtesy todayifoundout.com

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