Gluten-free in Junction feat. Wendy Schaffer

Living in the Junction

Wendy Schaffer, a freelance creative director and copywriter, came to live in the Junction as she was drawn to its family-friendly neighborhood. For her 3-year-old son, James, Wendy sought a neighborhood with a good school- as to provide him with a good education. She has since discovered the Junction to be in a state of constantly evolution; catering more and more to the families within its community, which she greatly appreciates.

15 years Gluten-Free (GF)

It was through her naturopath friend that Wendy figured out eating gluten-free was the way to go. Nearly 15 years later since her discovery, Wendy is still happily gluten-free and has so far kept her son gluten-free as well. It used to be that eating out at restaurants was frustrating, with limited options for someone who was gluten-free. But with more and more restaurants catching onto this GF trend, she’s found eating out to be increasingly easier.

To hear Wendy share her life of living in the Junction and living gluten-free, click on the video below!

Wendy Schaffer


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