Kid-Friendly Toronto: Greenwood Park Outdoor Rink

Every winter we tie on our skates and hit the outdoor rinks in the city. My daughters have never wanted to play organized hockey, but every weekend they ask if we can go ice skating. Over the holiday we were lucky enough to make it to the newest kid-friendly Toronto outdoor ice rink, at Greenwood park.

Kid-Friendly Toronto Fun

kid-friendly toronto greenwood park rink 2Greenwood Park, located in Toronto’s east end, has always had an outdoor rink. In fact, Greenwood is the rink where my eldest daughter first put blade to ice, when she was three years old. The improvements that have been made at the park are pretty incredible.

Where once there was one rink, there are now two ice surfaces. The first covered outdoor ice rink in Toronto, complete with boards, is where all the ice hockey action takes place. When we were there, the rink was filled with young hockey players and their parents, for parent-child shinny. 

A Beautifully Flowing Trail Rink

what to do in toronto greenwood park rink trailAlongside the hockey rink is a beautifully flowing trail rink. It is a lot of fun skating on a trail that winds around trees and has a spot to take a rest,  a low rock wall. It’s like you are skating on a river in the city.

In my book, the best part of the updated Greenwood Park Outdoor Rink is the change room area. Can you tell I am a mom? The open change room is spacious and complete with washrooms…a must for any kid-friendly Toronto destination.

Greenwood Park’s new rink and ice skating trail are an exciting addition to our city and yet another reason to love the winter and getting outside to play.

kid-friendly toronto greenwood park rink changeroom

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150 Greenwood Avenue, Toronto

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