Mobile Hair Salon for Moms: She Speaks Hair

Sometimes I reminisce to myself of a time pre-kids.  I had disposable income, ALONE time, and no one else to worry about.  One of my self indulgent weekly rituals consisted of getting my hair done every Friday.  I would drive myself to my favourite salon, which was a good 30 to 40 minute drive, spend an hour getting my hair styled (which also included an awesome head / neck massage) and dropped $45 like it was nobody’s business.  I left feeling like a million bucks and ready for whatever the weekend had in store for me.

Mobile Hair Salon for Moms: She Speaks Hair

mobile hair salon she speaks hairOh, how times have changed.  These days, I am lucky to leave my house without any stains on my clothes.  I almost forget what the inside of a hair salon looks like, and my hair has probably not been cut or styled in over a year.  As a stay-at-home-mom, I don’t even have the luxury to schedule a hair appointment over my lunch break and weekends are busy spending quality family time together.  Truly, unless I have a wedding, my hair sits pulled-back, in a side-pony tail, limp and sad.  Almost every picture I have of myself since my first son Kyle was born will prove it.

Luckily, I have found a great new(ish) service in town that offers in-home hair service.  She Speaks Hair is the brain child of Alexandria.  After gaining years of experience by working in a boutique hair salon in Yorkville, Alexandria decided to branch out on her own and offer her services in a unique way.  While working in a salon, her clients were often businesswomen and moms with limited time seeking a more convenient way to get get their hair cut and styled while maintaining quality. For a year now, Alexandria has provided her clients with that same trust and service, in the comfort of their homes.

she speaks hair familyI had the opportunity to have Alexandria over and try out her services.  She sent me a reminder e-mail a few days before our appointment and showed up at my house right on time.  All she required was a room with space, the rest she brought herself, including an extension cord with multiple plugs and a disposable plastic floor cover for quick clean-up. While my boys were home, she managed to cut my hair and give me a great style all within one hour.  The hair style even lasted until we took family photos a few hours later, in between having my hair pulled and tugged at by my rug rats.

Alexandria’s services range from haircuts and styles, to colouring, extensions and various treatments.  Services start at only $45 (for a blowout and style) and all prices include Alexandria’s commute.  Truly, all of her services are priceless to a busy mom. She Speaks Hair serves Toronto and most surrounding GTA areas including Vaughan, Missisauga, Oakville, York and King City regions.  Depending on the service provided, Alexandria will go as far east as Ajax.

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various locations, 647-995-7465 (PINK)

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