TMN: The Gal’s Got Game feat. Lally Rementilla

The Gal’s Got Game

Lally Rementilla  helped to co-found The Gal’s Got Game, a sports media company for women- to help women speak more confidently about sports. For some women, talking sports can be intimidating what with the rules, regulations, players’ names and more. However, she has found a way to help those women, specifically the ones working in male-dominant environments, as well as mothers whose children who are involved in sports, have the confidence to be able to enter conversations where the topic is sports-focused.

She also spoke about how working in the Queens and Bathurst neighbourhood has allowed her many opportunities to entertain her kids which is helpful especially in the midst of life as a working mom.

Find out more about Lally and her work with the Gal’s Got Game below.

Lally Rementilla

The Gal’s Got Game


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