Top 30 Toronto Mom Bloggers: Congratulations to Sylvia’s Simple Life

Over the last few weeks we have been running our 2014 Top 30 Toronto Mom Blogger search here at TorontoMomNow. Way back in June we reached out to you, our readers and asked you to nominate your favourites. We took some time and narrowed the list down to our 2014 Top 30 Toronto Mom Bloggers. You nominated some pretty amazing moms and bloggers.toronto top mom bloggers collage 

While we are honouring every one of our Top 30 Toronto Mom Bloggers, we also selected one overall top blogger. Actually, scratch that. You selected one overall top blogger. After all, you are the people who read, nominated and love these mom bloggers. We asked you to vote for your favourite bloggers from our 2014 list. We reached the end of the voting period and we tallied all the votes. Toronto Mom Now is excited to announce that this year’s winner is Sylvia Stefanova from Sylvia’s Simple Life.

Top Toronto Mom Blogger Sylvia Stefanova

In the end, over 1200 votes were cast in the Top Mom Blogger competition. Your winner, Sylvia writes the blog Sylvia’s Simple Life. Sylvia captures moments in her life with the most incredible photography and truthful stories. While she may be leading a “simple life”, her life is filled with beauty. We love her enthusiasm for trying new things and celebrating the little moments in life.

Toronto Mom Now would also like to give a bit “shout out” to the next 3 highest ranked bloggers…in no particular order.

Jenna Em of Snymed
Renee Kaiman of My So Called Mommy Life
Angie Smith of In My 30’s and It’s Time

We would like to congratulate everyone who was nominated. Toronto Mom Bloggers, the work you do is being read and loved by so many…keep up the awesome writing.

Jenn Van Huss of 1 Heart, 1 Family
Emma Finlayson of Strolling the City in Heels
Amy Worrell of Milk and Coco
Lisa Pedersen of Fab Frugal Mama
Kristen Doyle of Running 4 Autism
Caroline Fernandez of Parent Club
Mary Jane of The Flying Couponer
Debbie Davidov of Me Myself and Kids
Alex Katschilo of Northstory
Mara Shapiro of Be Nice or Leave, Thanks
Sara Vartanian of Green Moms Collective
Joann MacDonald of Woman in Real Life
Mandy Furnis of Sparkle Shiny Love
Robin Seigerman of Renovation Bootcamp
Martina Junkin of Get Real Momma
Alanna Banks of Fridays Off
Jeanine Miranda of My Bits and Bleeps
Susanne Findlay of Creative Mama on a Dime
Nathalie, Carol and Beth-Anne of 4 mothers 1 Blog
Holly LaRochelle of The Inspired Home
Stephanie Fazio of Lealou
Jesseney Rojas of The Empowered Momma
Samantha Kemp-Jackson of Multiple Mayhem Mamma
Brandy of Heart and Habit
Alessia Irea of The Styled Child
Faniya Fakhim of Teddy Out Ready

We also want to give a BIG THANKS to our readers. Thanks for introducing us to this fantastic group of Toronto Mom Bloggers. We couldn’t do this without all of you.

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  1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am humbled, happy, surprised and grateful! Being amongst such a group of enthusiastic inspiring moms is a win of itself. Thank you for this amazing opportunity and so needed boost to my creativity and most importantly, the belief that I am doing something that matters and inspires others. Congratulations to everyone who was nominated! We’re all winners in our everyday life and in what we do.