Toronto Moms on Instagram: Meet our #GuestGrammers

Do you love Instagram? Do you have no idea what Instagram is all about? Instagram is a social space where people share snapshots of their lives with the world. Here at Toronto Mom Now we love sharing glimpses into our love of Toronto and being urban moms. Our city is filled with interesting, amazing spaces that families can explore…we want to know where you are and show you where we have been. Over the next few months we will be hosting #guestgrammers on our Instagram feed. We are inviting rockstar Instagram moms to share a peek into their day to day lives on our Instagram feed.

Meet our #GuestGrammer(s)

This week we have been fortunate to have a pair of moms as our first #GuestGrammers. Christine and Ashleigh are the moms behind White Space Common. Inspired by their personal struggles with being work at home moms, and all the many, many challenges that come along with that reality, Christine and Ashleigh created a shared workspace for women. White Space Common is a fully equipped shared office space, complete with meeting rooms, business reference library, printing, coffee and tea. This week Christine and Ashleigh have been sharing their “other jobs” on Instagram…their lives as moms of busy, young boys. We have had a lot of fun with Christine and Ashleigh…they have taken us all over the city; out to the ball game, to the Brickworks and the train museum. Thanks so much for sharing your stories with us. Feel free to keep up with Christine and Ashleigh’s business adventures on Instagram @whitespace_common, and find out more about their business on their site


Jen Farr

In my "previous life" I was a mental health my current life I'm a stay-at-home mom with 2 beautifully adventurous kids. I share everything that lands on my kitchen counter over on my blog, Kitchen Counter Chronicles. Swing by and learn how we are greening their lives; what we are crafting; what we are cooking and what we are reading. While you will often find the girls and I inside the kitchen, you will also find us out and about getting our hands dirty, exploring and learning outdoors.

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