What to do in Toronto: Nuit Blanche with Kids

what to do in torontoThe first weekend in October is when Toronto’s streets come to life all night long with Nuit Blanche. This arts and culture festival has been taking over our city since 2006. From sunset to sunrise artists of all shapes and sizes spread their creative magic though Toronto. The question is – can you bring your kids? If you are wondering what to do in Toronto this weekend, check out our tips for attending Nuit Blanche with the kids.

What to do in Toronto: Nuit Blanche with Kids

Know Your Kid: This tip seems simple enough, but only you will know if your child will be up for a late night stroll in the city. The streets can be very crowded and driving isn’t always the easiest way to get around. If you know that your little one cannot handle staying up past her bedtime, then don’t push your child’s limits. If however, you think that the excitement, noise and activity of the event will engage your little one, then bring them along.

Be Prepared: Check the weather report before heading out. This is primarily an outdoor event, which means there will be lots of walking. Pack the stroller with blankets, rain covers, hats, mittens, snacks and water. You’re an urban mom, so you know how hard it can be to find a public washroom on a good day…now imagine you are out at night with your babe. There are a number of event rest areas provided, but the over-prepared parent will be the happy parent.

Do Your Research: Head to the Nuit Blanche website and determine which art exhibits interest you. Map out where you have to go in advance, so you aren’t scrambling around the city with the stroller. Remember that the event will be back next year – although the artists and exhibits will change – if you can only hit a few spots this time around, there is always next year. Be sure to check out the excellent mobile site, which puts all the maps and event information at your fingertips. You can even create a personalized event planner – just plug in the exhibits you want to see.

Head Out Early: Nuit Blanche festivities begin at sunset…around 7pm…so head out early. When attending an event like this, with kids, being fashionably late is not a requirement. Get out early, see what you can and head home.

Don’t Worry: When will your little ones have access to this much incredible art, in a fun and interactive environment? Unlike going to the art gallery (which we have no problem with taking the kids to the art gallery) children have to keep their hands off the art, they have to walk, they have to keep their voices down. Most of the exhibits at Nuit Blanche are quite the opposite. While it is important to respect the artwork, it is also important to fully experience the art and let children enjoy the experience too.

Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

various locations throughout the city
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