Where to Shop in Toronto: Toronto Snow Show

toronto snow showWith the chill in the air we are faced with the reminder that winter is coming. In our climate we have two choices – we either hibernate all winter or embrace the cold and have some fun. While summer it’s all about swimming in the lake and hanging out at the beach, winter arrival means the best spot to be is the ski hill. It’s time to get prepared for the winter ski and snowboarding season with a trip to the Toronto Snow Show.

Where to Shop in Toronto: Toronto Snow Show

The Toronto Snow Show is Canada’s largest ski, snowboard and travel show. Whether you are new to the ski club or an old pro, the Snow Show will have something for you. The show takes place at the International Centre, from October 17 thru October 19th. We’ve got all the highlights rounded up for you.

Ski and Snowboard Swap: Let’s face it, we are all searching for a good deal. If your family is new to snow sports, making your first purchases at a ski and snowboard swap is a great place to start. Visitors will find thousands of new and previously loved skis, boots, snowboards, equipment and accessories to choose from.

Snow Show Rail Jam: Want to get the kids excited about skiing and snowboarding? Check out the Snow Show’s Rail Jam…a huge artificial ski hill is set up in the International Centre parking lot. The hill is equipped with a rail park so that the professional and amateur snowboarders and skiiers can show off their tricks. The Rail Jam is a free event and you can find the complete performance schedule on the Snow Show website.

Burton Riglet Park: Introducing your littlest ones to the world of snowboarding for the first time? The folks at Burton have created an easy, safe and fun way to help children learn to ride. By attaching a simple rig to the front of the child’s snowboard, instructors can help kids build their confidence and learn to board. The Snow Show will be hosting an indoor version of the Burton Riglet Park, where kids can take a spin on a snowboard through the artificial snow park.

Plan Your Winter Adventure: Check out all the amazing places in Ontario where you can get away for a winter wonderland vacation. Discover how easy it is to plan a trip to Blue Mountain, Horseshoe Resort, Mount St.Louis Moonstone, Snow Valley, Hockley Valley and many more.

What is your favourite winter sport?
Do you ski, snowboard, snowshoe, ice skate, etc?

Toronto Snow Show

www.torontosnowshow.com | facebook | twitter
October 17 to October 19, 2014
International Centre, 6900 Airport Road, Mississauga

images courtesy of Toronto Snow Show
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