What to do in Toronto: Leslieville Flea at the Distillery

what to do in toronto : leslieville flea exteriorYou don’t often think about going to a flea market in the middle of the winter. A trip to a flea market evokes thoughts of sunny days, leisurely walking through crowded aisles, with a glass of cool lemonade in hand. Who says that flea markets cannot be held on a cold winter Sunday? This winter the popular Leslieville Flea has moved indoors to a new home, the Fermenting Cellar in the Distillery District. The Distillery District and Leslieville Flea make a perfect pairing. So, if you are wondering what to do in Toronto on a winter weekend, forget the cool lemonade, grab a warm cup of coffee and cruise the aisles in comfort.

What to do in Toronto on a Winter Weekend

leslieville flea aisleThe Distillery District’s Fermenting Cellar is the perfect home for the Leslieville Flea. The large open space inside this historic stone building creates a welcoming environment for the over 70 market vendors. While the building was historically used for the fermenting of spirits, nowadays it is a super-popular special event venue. Visitors can wander easily down the aisles, taking in all the vintage pieces that are for sale. I was drawn in by the beautiful vintage crockery, barware, clothing and furniture pieces. There is also a great selection of vintage toys, games, maps and framed posters.

Along with the vintage and antique vendors, there is a lovely collection of artisans selling new and repurposed handmade pieces. Artisans works include include jewelery, reclaimed wood furniture pieces, knit wear, baby clothes and pieces of fine art. Everything new and old has a wonderful retro style.

Drop by the Flea and Check out the Distillery Districtleslieville flea vignette 1

The Leslieville Flea will be in this location once a month for the next few months (February 23rd, March 16th and April 20th, 2014). It’s open from 10:00am-5:00pm on each of those dates. There is plenty of onsite parking at the Distillery District. A trip to the Distillery would not be complete without checking out all the other unique shops and cafes. Visiting a flea market is a great answer for what to do in Toronto on a cold and wintry Sunday.

Leslieville Flea

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28 Distillery Lane, Toronto

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