Where to Eat in Toronto: The Good Press

where to eat in torontoOn May 13, 2014, husband and wife team Leila and Andrew Ois opened Yorkville’s concept juice bar The Good Press. It was a shear coincidence that it was exactly seven years ago the duo launched their other baby, the Sunshine Wholesome Market. Unlike the adored College Street supermarket, with a small-scale juice bar, The Good Press is a stand-alone juice bar.Dubbed as Toronto’s freshest cold-pressed juice bar, Yorkville’s newest resident is bent on making Earth Day every day. So, if you are wondering where to eat in Toronto where you can find the freshest cold-pressed juices, make the trip to The Good Press.

Where to Eat in Toronto: The Good Press

The Drinks

The Good Press offers convenient, nutrient-dense cold-pressed bottled juices that are locally sourced and are produced from organic farmers. The result is delicious, healthy juices that are of the highest quality. At The Good Press, cold-pressed juices and smoothies are made from seasonal fruit and vegetable combinations and a wide variety of rejuvenating live energy shots are also on the drink menu.

Bottled raw and organic juiceThe Ois’ sense of creativity and fun is evident in their fruit pairings. Pear Me the Details, for instance, is a crowd pleaser with its principal tastes of sweet pear and spicy ginger. These flavour profiles serve as an excellent backdrop to the spinach and the layered pineapple creates an element of sweetness that will bring you back for more.

If you want to turn up the heat try the Hawaii Five-0. Oddly enough this drink draws inspiration from tacos, yes, tacos. Blended inside are arugula, spinach, romaine, pineapple and jalapeño. The taste is unexpected and milk to tame your tongue is unnecessary.

The Food

On the menu is an assortment of açai puree fruit bowls, which come dressed with toppings such as granola, almond butter, hemp seeds and seasonal fruits. They also sell wraps, salads and house-made nut milks.

Making organic juiceThe Ois’ recognize that eating healthy doesn’t come easy, so in addition to having healthy menu items an in-house nutritionist, Jeffron De Savoye, is available for consultations to help newbies make informed dietary decisions.

Kids can have fun getting healthy, too. The Good Press have a great kids menu, which includes a cocoa banana smoothie, vanilla banana smoothie and the familiar tastes of apple and orange. And coming soon are in-house made organic fruit popsicles, which are perfect for those hot and hazy summer days ahead.

The Place

Located in the heart of Toronto’s tight-knit Yorkville community, The Good Press is serious about customer service. The staff spent four weeks training on customer service alone before anyone even touched a press. The Ois’ want customers to feel at home and experience a good vibe at every touch point.

 The Good Press

www.thegoodpress.ca |facetooktwitter
87 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto, 416-962-4000

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