Why Choose Performing Arts for Kids

Why choose performing arts for kidsThere are so many after school programs available for kids in our city – the amount of choice can be overwhelming. As parents, often times we are drawn to the same old activities that we participated in when we were children. We are automatically drawn to hockey, soccer and dance. Unfortunately,programs like the performing arts, can be overlooked.  While traditional sports and dance classes are great, by not branching into alternative programming children might be missing out on something beneficial. So, why choose the performing arts for kids? The Artistic Director at Children’s Arts Theatre School (CATS) Gina Anki offers her opinion on the importance of the performing arts for children, “Theatre matters for children because it provides a safety net for nurturing their creativity and personal voice, and a fun, playful platform for self-expression.” Here are a few other reasons to consider the performing arts for your child.

Why Choose Performing Arts for Kids

Creativity Development: As children age their peers and society can squash their imagination, quiet their creativity and suppress their love of play. Unfortunately, these are the very things that lead to innovation, experimentation and discovery. Performing arts programs allow children to explore their imaginations and get creative in a safe, encouraging environment. Which in turn can lead to better critical thinking skills and improved performance at school.

Socialization: In a time of cell phones, excessive screen time and texting, children are communicating through devices rather than face-to-face interactions. Step away from the cell phone and onto the stage…where verbal communication is key.

Team Work: Aren’t we always looking for ways to teach our kids about team work? While working with others might come naturally for some children, others struggle with the concept. The performing arts programs provides the opportunity for children to work together toward a common goal, to learn how to be supportive and encouraging with their peers. These skills translate beautifully into the school environment and later into the work environment.

Self Esteem: Not every child who takes part in the performing arts is a gregarious performer. In fact, it is often the quiet and shy child who benefits the most from these programs. Again, CATS Artistic Director Gina Anki; “We’ve witnessed first hand how giving children the opportunity to experience the magic of participating in a live production can have profound transformational effects on their level of self-esteem, creativity, confidence and critical thinking.”

What after school programs are your children enrolled in?
Have your children ever taken part in a performing arts program?
What benefits did you discover for your child?

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logo-fall-themeThis article was sponsored by The Children’s Arts Theatre School (CATS). Voted best theatre school 10 years in a row by the readers of City Parent Magazine, The Children’s Arts Theatre School (CATS), has been Toronto’s leader in professional theatre training for students ages 3 years to 18 years, providing young people with the opportunity to experience the transformational magic of live theatre! From trust-forming theatre games, sophisticated groups improvisation, to full-scale theatrical productions young actors learn to harness the power of concentration, improve thinking processes, encourage spontaneous expression and develop self-confidence. Now established in five different locations across Toronto, The Children’s Art Theatre School (CATS) continues to welcome new students who share in our mission to enrich the community through the performing arts. From their Junior Program, designed for children ages 3-6 to their more advanced programs for teens ages 12-15, classes are designed to embrace all talent and skill levels, and students are encourage to explore their creativity through a variety of fun, energetic drama games and activities.


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