Make yourself a home office

stylegarage desk

You’ve cleaned out that spare room, or the odd corner of the second bedroom. Now it’s time to put in some gorgeous new stuff to make yourself a home office to inspire you.

Style Garage

This is a great solution if you’ve got some odd corners to fill. Made-to-measure furniture at reasonable prices, you can specify desk lengths, components, and shelf heights.

78 Ossington Avenue, Toronto


Beautifully modern desks – but the standouts are the bookcase options. I’m not sure I could bear to put anything on them!

Several across Toronto


Japanese store of many delights, their desk organization cube and containers are a joy to use. Tiny wooden cityscapes, minimalist pens in every colour, and simple plain notebooks.

Atrium 595 Bay Street, Unit C-03, Toronto

suite22Suite 22

This Toronto shop imports a range of Italian furniture brands. Pricier than IKEA, but if you need a standout piece of furniture, you won’t be disappointed.

429 Richmond St. E, Toronto


Small-scale furniture for apartment living. Modern all the way, but lots of colour too. Lots of shelves, but the desks are particularly cool.

885 Caledonia Road, Toronto

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Image credits: Courtesy of Stylegarage, Structube, Suite 22

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