Motherhood is Hard! Cue the Laughs…

Erin Keaney is the creator of, “a comedy website for moms who need a bit of a break.” Through videos of skits and songs, Erin depicts “the real stuff that happens in motherhood that isn’t pretty,” but it’s definitely hilarious.

She says of motherhood, “there are weird awful things that people don’t talk about because they’re too busy lying!” She jokingly mocked those who claim that ” [taking care of] children [is] easy” and says, That’s not the truth. Children can be really hard. We just forget and that’s why we keep reproducing.”

Comedy aside, Erin shared with us the more difficult parts about being a mom; about how lonely it could be and the harsh criticisms moms often place on themselves. She’s looking for more moms to be honest, to be understanding and to be able to communicate these emotions. She has found drop-in centres in Toronto to be the best places for fostering these “tribes” as she coined it. “[It’s] where you can go to have a coffee and talk to people, learn things from each other and discuss difficult times raising children because it’s not all rosy.”

Erin also does a comedy show once a month at Lazy Daisy’s Cafe. She’ll have mothers coming up to her after the show and express their similar experiences. When moms share their stories with one another, Erin explains, “It makes you feel good. You feel like you’re not alone. You feel like you’re not a failure. Or when you are failing, it’s OK. It’s part of life.”

Check out Erin’s story in our video below:

Erin Keaney, MotherLoadTV

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