Put a ring on it: Toronto’s best bagels


Whether you eat one straight from the store, warm, smeared with cream cheese, or bring home a dozen to toast and pile on the toppings, we’ve never meet anyone who didn’t love a good bagel. Here’s where to find the best bagels (outside Montreal!) in Toronto.

Gryfe’s Bagel Bakery

Soft, fluffy, light and melt-in-your-mouth delicious, kids love the classic cinnamon raisin, but all of the bagels here are incredible.

3421 Bathurst Street, Toronto 

St. Urbain Bagels

Tucked away in the corner of St. Lawrence Market’s south building are the city’s best Montreal-style bagels. Kids will love watching them pile up out of the oven.

11-93 Front St East, Toronto 

Nu Bagel

Kensington bagel shop boasts bagels that nail chewy, salty and sweet all in one bite. Psst! The flavoured cream cheeses are so good you’ll want to devour them straight out of the container with a spoon.

240 Augusta Ave, Toronto

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Melissa Carter

Melissa Carter is a writer and editor, living in Toronto. She loves baking apple crisps and fruit pies, napping on a blanket at the beach, running on the shore, and camping out in the living room for fried chicken picnics.

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