Halloween 2016: The ultimate safety checklist for kids

halloween 2016 safety kids

Halloween night is just a few weeks away! Whether it’s finding a comfy and appropriate costume, setting trick-or-treating guidelines, enforcing candy sampling rules, and brushing up on rules of the road for pedestrians, we’ve compiled a quick little checklist of effective and easy ways to keep your kids safe every step of the way.

Wear reflectors/lights

The reality is that no matter the weather, Halloween night is dark. As the kids walk around the neighbourhood, it’s important that they can be seen by passing cars. Reflectors can be a great tool to keep your child visible. Find them at bike shops, fabric stores for sewable reflector tape, and hardware stores sell reflecting tape. Make sure your kids are easy to see!

Watch for tripping hazards

At home, keep your own pathway clear and well lit. Before heading out with the kids, make certain your child can walk safely. Tripping on a long hem can be dangerous out on the sidewalk. Shorten dresses that keep getting in the way and make sure kids are wearing comfortable shoes.

Facepaint not masks

Masks are great for daytime Halloween celebrations and parties at a friend’s house, but face paint is the best option for trick or treating. Typically, masks have small holes that reduce a child’s ability to see, making cars and walkways difficult to make out.

Street Safety Rules

Review the rules of the road with your kids before heading out. No crossing the street between parked cars, looking both ways before crossing the street, holding a parent’s hand when crossing the street are all great rules to remember on Halloween night.

Travel in Groups

Young kids will be hanging with mom and dad, but older kids want to get out on their own with their friends. Before the tweens head out for a night, make sure they are heading out with friends. Make sure they have a definite curfew and a clear plan on where they’ll be trick or treating.

Here’s to a super fun and super SAFE halloween for all our little ghouls and goblins. Please let us know how you keep your littlest ones safe each year on Halloween!
Jen Farr

In my "previous life" I was a mental health professional...in my current life I'm a stay-at-home mom with 2 beautifully adventurous kids. I share everything that lands on my kitchen counter over on my blog, Kitchen Counter Chronicles. Swing by and learn how we are greening their lives; what we are crafting; what we are cooking and what we are reading. While you will often find the girls and I inside the kitchen, you will also find us out and about getting our hands dirty, exploring and learning outdoors.

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