Off the screen and out the door: getting kids outside!

Fall is here and you may be finding it hard to pull your children away from the lure of Paw Patrol (spoiler alert: the pups save the day). In fact, it may be a downright battle. But you know the whole family is much happier when part of the day is spent outside.  What to do? Get creative and find new ways to make outdoor time a little more fun. Here are a few ideas.

Follow the leader

We used to live a few blocks from an awesome park with two playgrounds and a community garden, but we’d been there a million times. So, we started to play ‘follow the leader’ to get there. Now brace yourself, this involves letting your child be the leader. Consider bringing coffee.

At each corner, I’d ask my daughter, “which way?” She’d enthusiastically point in the direction she thought we should go. It would end up being a winding route to the park, but she loved it.

Hunt for treasure


When you’re walking with a couple of toddlers, there are always gems to find. Why not make a treasure list before you go? It can be simple or more advanced based on the age of your child. With two children under four, I include things like: bark, leaf, rock, feather, shell, slug, pinecone, moss, etc.


Dufferin Grove Park is a perfect place to let your little ones run free and hunt for treasure.

Push the limits 

When I see my children try something out their comfort zone, it’s the best. And I can tell by the look on their faces, they feel amazing.


High Park and and Beltline Trail are great spots to get them hiking and moving.

What are your fave ways for getting your kids moving out in nature?

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