TMN Picks: Toronto Summer Camps

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There are so many summer camps out there, so we’ve created a curated list to solve your burning summer camp problems.

The I’ll Break My Ankle If I Teach You This Myself Camp: CJ’s Skateboarding Camp

If you’re an ex-skateboarder like my husband is, and your child has suddenly decided they want to skate too, you might be worrying for the state of your ankles. It’s alright, you can outsource that beginning learning time with a camp at CJ’s. Starting as early as 5, your child can be one of those tiny shredders at the park you always wished you could be.

The Build Me a Robot to Clean the House Camp: Institute of Robotics & Intelligent Systems camps

IRIS offers several LEGO Robotics camps, and what is particularly great about IRIS is they tier their camps for different ages groups and different levels of engineering. From Wedo robotics, which are simpler and easier to manage with basic LEGO builds, to EV3 Mindstorms, which allow for complicated robots and computer-coded behaviours, if you have a budding engineer, this camp is perfect.

The You Don’t Spend Enough Time Outside Camp: Toronto Island Camp

Have a bit of a homebody on your hands? Nothing like a week or two of getting really, really dirty outside to address the balance. Toronto Island camps include outdoor exploring, canoe and kayak lessons, orienteering, and more. There’s even an option for younger campers to attend with their parents.

YPT drama camp

The Channel the Drama Camp: Young Peoples’ Theatre

This may not actually solve the dramatic tendencies, but will possibly make them more entertaining? But seriously, if you spend a lot of time as a captive audience on the couch, this may be the best camp ever for your small people. Campers expand their drama knowledge through theatre games, movement and vocal exercises. There’s before and after camp care available too.

The I Don’t Know Where to Send Them Camp: Harbourfront Centre

There are loads of options here – sports, arts, drama, even sleepover camps. You can buy a few in a row without your child doing the same thing over and over, and there’s even a meal plan available through the Lunch Lady (vacation from lunch packing HOORAY). There is so much variety: Dungeons & Dragons, Budding Chefs, Mad Science, Sailing, French Language, Soccer, Circus – these are only a few. If you’re stuck for ideas, start here.

Erin McGann

Erin McGann is Managing Editor for Toronto Mom Now and Vancouver Mom. She drinks just a bit too much coffee, is a bit obsessed about sourcing local food, plays the cello moderately well, spends too much time on Twitter, keeps honeybees on a rooftop, and has a thing for single-malt whisky. Erin is working on a novel set in turn-of-the-century Vancouver, which her husband, son and dog have to hear about all the time, and also blogs at Erin at Large. Contact her at erin [dot] mcgann [at] crispmedia [dot] ca

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