What to know about your newborn photo session

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Those super cute newborn photos are the best, aren’t they? Though the idea of getting organized for a photo session when your baby is brand new is overwhelming, we tapped experienced newborn photographer Alana McClure for her tips.

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Be prepared

“It’s possible that it will be a lengthy session. Some newborn sessions can run up to 3 hours,” Alana says. “We work on baby time, with diaper changes, feedings, and soothing your baby.” Alana also points out it’s a good idea to book your session for a time your baby can be fed and then put to sleep right away. That way you’ll get those cute sleeping photos.

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Before they fall asleep

“It’s a good idea to clean the baby’s eyes with a warm wash cloth and to check baby’s nostrils for anything unsightly that you don’t want photographed! Now is a good time to apply body oils or lotions to reduce flaky dry skin.” Alana makes the point that doing all this before they fall asleep means they won’t wake up bawling when you need them to look angelic and asleep.

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Keep it simple

While grandparents, friends, nannies, and everyone else might want to see this lovely moment, it doesn’t make for a relaxing session. “I like to focus all attention on you and your baby,” says Alana. “Distractions for your child will limit the success of your session.” She also suggests not scheduling that baby weigh-in for directly after the photo session, it will make you anxious about time and the key to this whole session working out is to be relaxed.

Check out the gallery of newborn sessions on Alana’s site the amazing results.

This post is sponsored by Alana McClure Photography. I’m constantly amazed at how quickly families grow and change, and forever thankful that I stop and take the time to preserve as many precious moments as possible. As a mother of three myself, I know that pregnancy is the most special and unique time in your life. And as a fine art photographer and maternity and newborn specialist, my aim is to create beautiful and timeless pieces of art that capture the true beauty of each expectant mother and her new family.

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