5 Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Christmas

Do you ever get the feeling that Christmas is all about consumption and consumerism? Are you looking for ways to make Christmas about family, reconnecting and simplicity? We have put together a few ways that families can shift the focus of the holidays and have an eco-friendly Christmas this year.

5 Ways to Enjoy an Eco-Friendly Christmas

eco-friendly christmas

Reduce – It is becoming more popular to downsize the number of gifts children ask for and receive. Have you heard of the philosophy of children asking for 4 items; something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. What an easy way to simplify and downsize this holiday.

Reuse – Do not be afraid to buy second hand this holiday season…especially when it comes to toys and clothing for little ones. Fortunately, there are so many great second hand shops in Toronto to choose from. Check out Bumbleberry Kids, in the city’s east end, for gently used clothing. Visit one of the many Once Upon A Child locations for previously loved toys, equipment and clothing. Another fun option is to host a pre-Christmas toy and clothing swap with friends.

Green Gift Wrap – Nope, not actually green coloured gift wrap, rather find ways to wrap up gifts in a green way. Why spend a lot of money on something that is ripped up and thrown away? Think outside of the box when it comes to gift wrapping. Use a new scarf, or piece of fabric to wrap a gift, use pine boughs instead of typical gift bows and try wrapping gifts with your child’s artwork. Don’t forget to properly sort the trash properly…most gift wrap is recyclable in Toronto, but bows are not.

Bake a Gift – Everyone loves home baked treats for Christmas…give your friends and family what they really want. Give a mason jar filled with everything needed to make chocolate chip cookies, wrap up a lovely mulled wine kit or package up hot chocolate truffles for chocolate lovers on your list.

Get Outside – What would an eco-friendly holiday be without some quality time spent outdoors?  Go for a winter hike or lace up the skates and head to one of Toronto’s many amazing outdoor skating rinks.

images courtesy of odessamaysociety.com and thekitchenfinesse.com


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