Explore Toronto: Beautiful Bricks

Toronto is home to beautiful brickwork and lovely historic districts perfect for exploring with the family.

Evergreen Brick Works

This former quarry and brick manufacturing site has been completely transformed into an incredible environmental space. Explore the trails, get hands on in the children’s garden, enjoy lunch at Cafe Belong and so much more. There is a convenient (free) shuttle bus from Broadview subway station.
550 Bayview Ave, Toronto, (416)596-1495

The Distillery District

The building in the former Godderam and Worts Distillery will make you feel like you have taken a walk back in time. However the modern shops and restaurants will assure you that it is the 21st century. The annual Toronto Christmas Market is a must see holiday event.
55 Mill Street, Toronto

Flat Iron Building

Imagecredit: https://www.talkcondo.com/
Located in the historic St.Lawrence neighbourhood, the beautiful red brick Flat Iron Building formerly housed Gooderham offices. Be sure to visit the St. Lawrence Market, located a few blocks away.
10 Adelaide Street East, Toronto, (416)-325-5000

Image Credit: meganrolph.wordpress.com, Evergreen Brickworks, Distillery District, Talk Condo




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