Best Juice Bars in Toronto

greenhouse juice

Feeling a wee bit over extended after the excesses of the hols? Us too. A good juice feels great right about this time of year.

ELXR Juice Lab

If you’re too busy to get to the juice place, the juice can come to you. ELXR delivers, just the juices, waters, and seed mylks you choose, or they can come up with a cleanse for you. All the juices are cold-pressed, and they also make seed mylks and waters – the After Party (alkaline water, lemon, maple syrup and activated charcoal) probably would be useful right about now. You can also buy them at a few gyms in the city.

ELXR Juice Lab,

Greenhouse Juice

Greenhouse boasts a big list of cold-pressed, all-organic juices, nut milks, and ‘hydrators’. The range of nut milks are interesting – there’s brazil nut, cashew, almond, and coconut. The Piloto sounds amazing – half brazil nut milk and half cold-brew Pilot coffee. You can add shots of aloe water, turmeric, ginseng, and a collection of potent combinations thereof to any of their juices. Greenhouse also delivers, and provides cleanse packages.

Greenhouse Juice, locations across Toronto

raw chemist

The Raw Chemist

This small shop in the Junction that focuses on mostly organic, cold-pressed juice only. Feeling a bit blue, a bit sick, or just a bit blah? The staff at this juice bar will recommend a juice shot to make you feel better.

The Raw Chemist, 2984 Dundas St W, Toronto

Anti Vice Juicery

For those of us who find the incredible earnest nature of juice bars a bit of a challenge, Anti Vice is a fun change. Their cold-pressed juice, organic where possible, which comes in several sizes including ‘party & brunch’ (64 oz). They also serve teas that include many of the healthful ingredients popping up on the special water lists, like activated charcoal and turmeric. They have a special kids size of fresh apple, orange or carrot juice, at a more reasonable kid price of $3.75.

Anti Vice Juicery, 853A College St, Toronto

Image credits: Greenhouse Juice, The Raw Chemist

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