Five Free (or super cheap) Kid-Friendly Toronto Activities

Sometimes, you just don’t feel like emptying your wallet to entertain the kids. Besides, if you do do something for free, there’s sometimes money leftover for ice cream!

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Five Family Activities

1. Hike at Evergreen Brick Works

Evergreen Brick Works is a community environmental centre in Toronto that focuses on showing visitors ways to live more sustainably. The community, located in the centre of the Don Valley, engages visitors – especially kids – in a variety of ways. Get into nature on your trip to Toronto by taking a free nature or heritage hike at Evergreen Brick Works.

2. Visit the Lionel’s Farm Petting Zoo

Lionel’s Farm offers a huge variety of things to do. Although many of them can get quite pricey, the petting zoo is $2. What kid doesn’t love experiencing animals up close and personal at a petting zoo? Take your family to the Lionel’s Farm Petting Zoo one afternoon for some free, wholesome fun.

3. Check out Harbourfront Centre

Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre is a great place to experience live music and lots of fun festivals. HarbourKIDS, Harbourfront Centre’s family program, puts on activities that explore big ideas through the lens of arts and culture with a view to igniting our kids imagination, creativity and thought. All HarbourKIDS programming is free. Even if there isn’t something special going on, kids love to see the boats along the waterfront on Lake Ontario.

4. Take in some art at the Art Gallery of Ontario

While it’s not always free, the Art Gallery of Ontario does offer a free Wednesday night option between six and nine in the evening. Enjoy the over 36,000 works in this collection, and expose your children to beautiful art of all kinds at AGO.

5. Relax at Toronto Islands

The beautiful beaches of Toronto Islands feature great picnic areas for families. The Gibraltar Point Lighthouse has an interesting history that older kids love to learn about, and the islands feature several baseball diamonds, volleyball courts, and wading pools families love to enjoy as well. Do be aware that the beach on the west side of Hanlan’s Point is clothing optional.

As you can see, there are plenty of great cultural and nature-oriented things to do in Toronto without spending a dime. Sure, you’ll have to pay for parts of your excursion, but being able to fill in with things like these helps your family save money while enjoying kid-friendly Toronto.

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  1. I would add the Ontario Place to this list. Yes, some of the features are closed due to renovation, but you can visit the other stuff. My kids love it there.

  2. Is it just me or is this a pretty weird list? Lionel’s Farm? It’s not even in Toronto – what about Riverdale Farm or the High Park Zoo?

    The Toronto Islands aren’t really “free” because you have to get there somehow, presumably using the ferry.

    The reference to travel rewards credit cards is also kind of strange.