Holiday Gifts That Give Back

T’is the season of abundance. Sadly, all too often, the items we so carefully select go unused, slowly turning into clutter. What if you could spend your hard-earned dollars on holiday gifts that give back, instead?

If you like the idea of choosing charitable holiday gifts, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of four charities that will not only help your holiday dollars make a real difference, but will also reduce the amount of stuff we’re consuming over the Christmas season. What’s not to love about that?

Holiday Gifts That Give Back

1. SickKids Get Better Gifts


If you’re grateful for your child’s good health this holiday season, what better way to celebrate than to help another family who wishes they were in your shoes? The SickKids Get Better Gifts will help kids at SickKids to enjoy a happier holiday season. They include things like holiday baking supplies, to holiday books for the hospital reading room, to holiday gifts, to a meal, to a car seat so that a baby can have a safe ride home. You can choose a printable PDF card, an e-card, or a print card with each gift, so that you can let your recipient know just what you have done in their honour.

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2. Toronto Public Library

Many Toronto moms are frequent users of the Toronto Public Library. Your donation helps fund programs that introduce children to the joy of reading, helps newcomer students succeed in school, teaches digital technologies to job-seekers, brings the Library to house-bound seniors, and so much more. The best part is that your gift will be going to support the community spaces, collections and programs you use all the time.

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3. WWF Canada

If you’d like holiday gifts that give back that are still kid-friendly, consider WWF Canada’s store. You’ll find presents for even the youngest children on your list, like soft stacking ring towers and stuffed animals. For $40 you can symbolically adopt a species at risk, such as a giant panda, gorilla or tiger. Or choose a Canadiana theme with a  bear, caribou or arctic fox. You’ll receive a stuffed animal representing the species of your choice, an adoption certificate, and a species poster, plus a tax receipt for $30. There are lots more gifts to choose from, and all net proceeds go to support WWF Canada’s conservation efforts.

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4. UNICEF Canada Survival Gifts

UNICEF Canada’s Survival Gifts promise to help children and families in dire need around the world. From tsleep nets and anti-malaria tablets, to pencils for a whole school, to blankets for newborns, to soccer balls for a whole team, to aid where it’s most urgently needed, there are dozens to choose from at a variety of price points. Can’t decide what to get your child’s teacher? Choose one of their education gifts, starting at just $14. Like the other charitable gifts, you can choose from a printable PDF card, an e-card, or a print card with each gift, so that the recipient knows just what you’ve done in their honour.

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What about you – what are your favourite holiday gifts that give back?

*Featured image courtesy of UNICEF Canada

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