Five pro tips to help prepare your child for Junior Kindergarten

As summer comes to an end, parents across Toronto are rejoicing: the school year is just around the corner. For new parents, the first day of Junior kindergarten is both an enormous milestone and incredibly nerve-wracking. Your four-year-old may be bouncing off the walls with excitement while you’re panicking inside.

We all know the importance of establishing a routine NOW, and an early bedtime and hearty breakfast before the first day of school.

Five pro tips to help prepare your child for Junior Kindergarten

Label everything.

Coat, sweater, backpack, lunch kit, shoes (all three pairs: indoor, outdoor, and gym gear), you name it… it needs a name on it.

Eat lunch quickly.

Students are often given a limited amount of time to eat before being escorted outside to play. Provide your child with containers they can open themselves and easy-to-eat finger foods. A leak-proof, labelled water bottle is a must-have.

Familiarize your child with the school’s layout.

Most schools provide kindergarteners access to their own playground area or playtime without the big kids. Be sure they know where the washrooms are and how to use them independently.

Use a calendar.

The routine and structure of a scheduled week can be a big change, especially if your child hasn’t been to preschool or daycare before. Talk to them about what to expect while they’re apart from you all day, and remind them you’ll be there to hear all about it after school.

How to ease anxiety about heading to school

Beware of the dreaded after-school crash.

After a big day, many kindergarteners are exhausted, overstimulated, and hungry. Minimize after-school activities and extra-curricular commitments until later in the school year. Have an after-school snack ready, welcoming hugs, and listening ears. The learning curve can be tough on everyone.

Teachers work hard to create a fun, safe, and supportive environment for your growing learner, but they have a room full of students. From tying their own shoes to packing their backpack, the more your child can do independently, the more time they’ll have for fun!

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