Five coffee shops next to kids’ parks

My daughter has a sweet tooth and I’m sure I had something to do with it. It all began two years ago when my son started school. After drop-off, I would desperately want a coffee so I’d lure my daughter down to the water to the super cool pirate ship park… and a coffee shop. “Come to the pirate ship park and you can have a breakfast cookie!” I’d say. Well we did that the first four days of school and now she’s a cookie monster. If you’re like me, you’d prefer to go to a park near a good coffee shop. Here are a few I’ve found:

high park

The Grenadier Restaurant & High Park

I like to go to The Grenadier Restaurant for brunch but you can also grab a coffee and head out for a walk around High Park with the kids. There’s a sit down area as well as a take away counter. There are a few parks for the kids; the most popular being the Jamie Bell Adventure Park just a bit down the road from the restaurant.

The Grenadier Restaurant, 200 Parkside Dr. (In the middle of High Park)
High Park, 185 Spring Rd.

white squirrel coffee

White Squirrel Coffee & Trinity Bellwoods Park

Located right beside Trinity Bellwoods Park is White Squirrel Coffee. Grab your fair-trade organic coffee and and home-baked treat (there’s ice cream too!) and head to the park for a game of catch with the kids or read books under a shady tree. There is also a kid’s playground and washrooms.

White Squirrel Coffee, 907 Queen Street W, Toronto
Trinity Bellwoods Park, 790 Queen St W, Toronto

Sunny Joe’s Cafe & Charles G. Williams Park

Located on Sorauren Ave. in Roncesvalles, Sunny Joe’s Cafe is right across the street from the park so you can run over to grab a coffee and a gourmet treat and be back in no time for another round of park time with the kids. Sunny Joe’s also has a few options for lunch including fresh salads and sells freezies and Augie’s Gourmet Ice Pops.

250 Sorauren Ave, Toronto

birds and beans

Birds & Bean & Amos Waites Park

Birds & Beans specializes in organic fair trade coffee that is also bird-friendly. Well guess what? It’s parent-friendly too because it is right beside the aforementioned pirate ship park (more formally known as Amos Waites Park) and an outdoor pool. Birds & Beans has delicious coffee, lattes and iced drinks, as well as muffins, cookies and a few items for lunch. Grab your coffee and walk down to the water to watch your kids be pirates for a few hours while you sip. 

 2413 Lake Shore Boulevard W, Toronto
The park is right behind the coffee shop.

Fairgrounds Roastery Cafe & Marie Curtis Park

Located in Long Branch in south Etobicoke, Fairgrounds has great coffee, delicious scones and muffins. Just a short drive around the corner is Marie Curtis Park which has an epic splash pad, wading pool, park and beach area. 

Fairgrounds Roastery Cafe, 3785 Lake Shore Boulevard W, Etobicoke
Marie Curtis Park, 2 Forty Second St, Etobicoke

Stephanie Fazio

Based in south Etobicoke, Stephanie Fazio is a stay-at-home mother to two young children and a part-time PR & social media consultant. She has a love for whole food and spends most of her time in the kitchen experimenting with recipes that her family will hopefully eat. Stephanie loves spending time with her friends and family, listening to live music, reading, and dreaming of her next coffee. Follow her on Instagram here @lealoulemonade.

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