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Ana Pascos Photography

Toronto, Ontario

I am here to help you love your photos!

Your baby is growing before your eyes, and you want to capture every precious moment to remember it forever. But how will you preserve these heartwarming memories - as fleeting images on your phone or Facebook page, or as lasting wall art that will greet you as you wake up, come home from work, and say goodnight? Will you ‘share’ them with people you know, or gift them to your loved ones as treasured heirlooms they too will display in their homes? Hiring a professional photographer is about more than just capturing a special time in your child’s life, It's about doing something special with those images – decorating your home with the loving smiles and ever-changing faces of your growing family. At Ana Pascos Photography, we understand the importance of family portraits, and through our custom-designed sessions we strive to create beautiful art that meets your unique needs. Ana Pascos Photography B1 resize Every commissioned portrait session will include:
  • A custom-designed plan for displaying the portraits in your home, tailored to its unique layout and your interior decor
  • A closet walk-through to help you pick out your most photogenic outfits
  • The portrait photography session at your choice of location: in the comfort of your home, at the studio, or at a selection of beautiful outdoor locations in Toronto.
  • Our signature in-person viewing process, where I will personally assist you in selecting the best portrait collection for your home, from the comfort of your own couch.
Custom portraiture is a one-of-a-kind experience, a chance to create beautiful wall art, and the best way to capture and preserve these cherished moments with your children. Ana Pascos Photography Toronto QA3 resize

But Ana, I have reservations about the way I look in photos.

No worries! I use strategic poses, shooting angles, and suggest clothing choices that will make you look and feel like a million dollars! I promise that once you see your portraits, you will want to show them off!

This all sounds great, but my kids are “more active” than others.

If I had a nickel for every time I heard that… I suggest holding your session in the great outdoors or the comfort of your home. Allowing them to run around and be themselves helps me capture the beautiful, unique and heart-warming personalities that you love so much!

I still think I’m only interested in digital images.

Although sharing your portraits online is a fun and easy way to keep your friends and loved ones up to date, it is also very short lived – quickly hidden under a pile of your friend’s recent vacation photos, and funny videos of dancing cats. Ana Pascos Photography Toronto QA1   To truly enjoy your portraits, they must be printed and seen on a regular basis. Whether you display them above your fireplace, or store them safely in a beautiful family album, a printed photograph will never become a lost or corrupted file. Let us create beautiful and original artwork of your little ones. Call Ana at 416-937-0632 to schedule your complimentary consultation today! Instagram 

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