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Lisa Vigliotta Photography

Toronto, Ontario

I am a natural light, storyteller, lifestyle, on location photographer who finally plucked up the courage to start her own photography business in 2006. I have always loved photography. As child I was the one on the floor pouring over my grandparents photo albums. My mom, bless her, even let me cut up original pictures to make a collages, thankfully I have Photoshop now. I took my first photo at the age of 4 – it was a black and white photo of my television while I was watching Sesame Street. So technically, Ernie was the first “person” I took a portrait of. By high school, I was a year book photographer, but when asked what I want to be when I grow up, my response was: “I want to be a mom who gets to stay home with my children.” Thankfully, my dream came true, and in 2005 I officially became a stay at home mom and Chief Operating Officer of our household. But it took becoming a mother to remember another dream, that deep down , I wanted to also be a photographer. unnamed

Photography Style

I now have the pleasure of photographing families at locations around southern Ontario, either in their home or outdoor locations that compliment who they are. I enjoy the rush and improv of on location photography and the ever-changing challenge of capturing the best light in any given situation. I really love what I do. I am passionate about visual storytelling. Using only available light, my camera, and my keen eye for detail and composition, I will weave together a story that is true to the spirit of your child, your growing pregnant belly, and your family. My photography has been described by clients as evocative, ethereal, and impactful, while, at the same time being fun, light-hearted and romantic. As a lifestyle photographer, who seamlessly blends the styles of candid journalism and gently staged poses, I encourage your family to have fun and enjoy one another – so much so that sessions often feel like playdates and the session itself becomes a memory. Parent’s often report back to me after our session together, that their children thought their time with me and their family was “The best day ever!” unnamed-1


The light in a person’s eyes and the beauty in their heart inspires me. I endeavor to go beyond capturing a moment, but aim to shed light on something that is deeper – the love that is within a person. Every person has a beauty that is unique to them and it is my personal goal to evoke the best that is within them, capture it and show it back to them through my photography. That’s my passion.   So, to sum up everything about me in one simple sentence: I am a Storyteller Photographer… a romantic at heart, who while holding her camera, will also be holding her breath in happy anticipation of capturing the image that will take your breath away. unnamed-2

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