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Toronto, Ontario

My name is Sabrina, I am the creative eye behind 'My love Photography'. I produce fine-art portraits for maternity, newborn and families within the Greater Toronto Area. Before I formerly became a professional photographer I've always enjoyed taking pictures and capturing precious moments of my family and friends. I've always felt that life is too short, and the best way to hold on to memories is to capture them through photos. I take pride in my work, each shoot is another opportunity to showcase precious moments in a unique way. Sabrina1 I love shooting both through my in-home studio which is a calm relaxing environment, and various scenic locations throughout our beautiful city. Through my creative style you will see both dreamy bright whites and dark edgy images reflected in my work. I love playing with colours, shapes and lines to create bold, modern and elegant imagery that will become beautiful artistic pieces. sabrina_baby I have studied under celebrity newborn photographer Ana Brant in her certified level 1 and 2 courses. I am also a proud member of the National association of Professional Child Photographers and Newborn I continually work on developing my craft to ensure that I am up to date with safety techniques for working with newborn and posing pregnant moms. A large variety of gowns and props, makeup, special lighting and posing techniques are used to capture these moments in the most flattering way. Through the hundreds of women and clients I have worked with, they are often amazed at how willing I am to get silly with their children. As well as how patient I am with their newborn babies, not to mention the numerous of times that I have been pooped during a newborn sessions! In my eyes this is all part of what it takes to get those great images we love. My work has been featured in The Art of Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine, along with several international blogs. It is through my experience, patience and my love for this art that allows me to create the images I do. However it is just as much about the experience as it is about the final product. Pre-consultations are done before every session to develop a photo shoot that reflects the client and their families personality and taste. These portraits are about embracing their body, celebrating their pregnancy and the new addition to their family. It is also about documenting how they want to remember those moments and how they want their children to remember those moments 10, 20, 50 years from now. Over the short 2 years of 'My Love Photography' this business has quickly grown through the return and referrals of happy clients. I feel honoured to being doing what I love, and to be trusted by clients to capture those special moments.

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